The LifeLine Technique Training Program

The 9-DVD Set Conscious Body-Conscious Mind (CB-CM) Training, is combined with a Reference Manual & Study Guide to support you in your learning process. The Study Guide includes review questions and bullet point concept we want you to focus on. With this 9-DVD set you will:

• Create a new view for both physical and emotional symptoms from a subconscious perspective.
• Awaken to the art and skill of Muscle Reflex Testing (MRT).
• Learn the basic 16 steps of The LifeLine Technique® Flow Chart.
• Discover why The Five Basics for Optimal Health are essential acts for self-love.
• Integrate the philosophy and science of The Lifeline Technique® into everyday life.
• Develop the basic skills to do a LifeLine session on yourself.

In order to attend the 5-Day LifeLine Experience Training you must fulfill the Per-requisite of having the 9-DVD Set Conscious Body-Conscious Mind (CB-CM) Training. With this 5-Day LifeLine Experience Training you will:

• Review of the basics from the 9-DVD Set CBCM: 1-2-3- Plan, MRT, G.A.P
• Master the philosophy and science of The LifeLine Technique® Flow Chart and deepen you understanding of the 16 steps.
• Become an interpreter of symptoms and stress by learning how to communicate the “story” of The LifeLine Technique®.
• Discover Advanced Portals to fine tune newly learned LifeLine Technique® skills.
• Conduct a LifeLine Technique® session on yourself and others.
• Discuss the scientific research which supports the LifeLine Technique . ie Gregg Braden, Dr. Candace Pert, Dr. Masuro Emoto, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Paul McLean and more.
• Probe deeper into The Five Basics for Optimal Health, nutrition, and the Spirit Memory Index.  


The LifeLine Technique® Celebration of Learning Certification Requirements consist of:

• A Half Day review for questions and practice time.
• A written & verbal Celebration.
• Ownership of the 9-DVD Set Conscious Body-Conscious Mind (CB-CM) Training & attendance at the
5-Day LifeLine Experience Training.
• Complete and document 25 LifeLine Technique® practice sessions to be started after attending the
5-Day LifeLine Experience Training. Allowed to turn in 2 sessions on yourself, 2 on another individual & 2 on an animal. Session sheets are due at the time of the Celebration of Learning written portion.
• Successfully complete the written & verbal Celebrations with a minimum score of 90 percent.



Join Dr. Darren Weissman, founder and developer of The LifeLine Technique®, on an evolutionary journey that will enable you to understand physical symptoms and emotional stress from a subconscious perspective, release them, and begin to live a life of conscious intention.

• 23 chiropractic CEU's for Conscious Body/Conscious Mind for AZ,CA,CO,FL,IL,IN and MI

•  Massage therapists and body workers, 23 CEU's, from theNCBTMB, for each training...CB/CM; ADV.I; & ADV.II

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